Household Expenditure Survey 2017/18

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The Household Expenditure Survey (HES) is conducted by the Singapore Department of Statistics once in every five years since 1972/73.

The HES 2017/18 collects detailed information on households’ expenditure and data on socio-economic characteristics as well as ownership of consumer durables. It is carried out over a one-year period from Oct 2017 to Sep 2018 to cover all festive seasons.

One main objective of conducting the HES is to update the weighting pattern and basket of goods and services for the Consumer Price Index (CPI), an indicator of inflation in Singapore. Data collected is also used to support studies on households’ consumption patterns.

Findings from the HES are published for use by public and private sector organisations as well as members of the public. Key findings from the previous HES conducted in 2012/13 are published in the following report: Report on the Household Expenditure Survey 2012/13.

Surveys of a similar nature are conducted in other parts of the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

For more information on the HES 2017/18, you may refer to the following links:

Information Pamphletpdf(15 MB)
Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ)

Press Releases
- Launch of the 5th and 6th Survey Groups for the Household Expenditure Survey 2017/18pdf(184 kb)
- Launch of the 3rd and 4th Survey Groups for the Household Expenditure Survey 2017/18pdf(184 kb)
- Launch of Household Expenditure Survey 2017/18pdf(193 kb)

Households selected for the HES 2017/18 may choose to provide the survey returns via the HES Online Submission form. Click on the banner below to access it:

Household Expenditure Survey 2017/18