About Us

The Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS) develops and maintains a national statistical system of quality, integrity and expertise.

As the National Statistical Authority, we provide reliable, relevant and timely statistics to support Singapore’s social and economic development. In addition to collecting, compiling and disseminating a wide range of official statistics, we also analyse and monitor economic and social trends, and develop and maintain national statistical databases.

As the National Statistical Co-ordinator, we coordinate statistical activities in public agencies, provide advice on statistical subject-matters, and develop and promote the observance of national statistical standards.

Statistical information and analyses are disseminated through our website, publications, time series database and mobile and electronic services.

Data collected are used by public agencies, policymakers, international agencies, businesses, researchers, analysts and the general public as vital inputs for monitoring economic and social development, policy formulation and evaluation, research and international rankings.

Vision and Mission


Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are aligned to the United Nations’ Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics.


Professionalism & Expertise

  We adhere to professional ethics and proficiently produce quality statistics that comply with international concepts and best practices.  
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  We constantly innovate our processes and produce statistics that meet users’ needs.  
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  We make our statistics readily available.  
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  We protect the confidentiality of information provided to us.  
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Timeliness & Reliability

  We produce statistics that users can depend on, and disseminate them at the earliest possible date while maintaining data quality.  
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Cost Effectiveness

  We use resources effectively, minimising respondent burden and leveraging on administrative data.  
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