As the key producer of official statistics in Singapore and the custodian of data provided to our Department, data confidentiality and security are of paramount importance to the Singapore Department of Statistics. The design and approach of the Census 2020 data collection is built based on this underlying principle.

As part of the security measure, all selected respondents will receive a notification letter with a unique, randomly generated House ID. Respondents who wish to provide their information via Internet may register using the House ID and their Singpass.

In Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), interviewers will identify themselves and quote the respondent’s unique House ID over the telephone before proceeding with the interview. A Census 2020 hotline will be provided for respondents who are in doubt over the identity of the CATI interviewers to call and verify.

In field work, each Census interviewer carries a Letter of Authorisation and Identification Badge as a form of authentication. Similar to CATI, respondents may also call the Census 2020 hotline to verify the interviewer’s identity.

Legal Authority (Statistics Act)

The Census 2020 is conducted under the legal provisions of the Statistics Act 1973. All responses provided will be kept in confidence in accordance with the Statistics Act.