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Data Dissemination Standard


Singapore was among the first group of 34 countries to subscribe to the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) in August 1996. The purpose of the SDDS is to guide member countries in the provision of comprehensive, timely, accessible and reliable economic and financial statistics to the public.

The SDDS comprises four dimensions, namely, coverage, periodicity and timeliness; access by the public; integrity of the disseminated data; and quality of the disseminated data. For each of these dimensions, the SDDS prescribes two to four good dissemination practices.

Singapore’s statistical policy for dissemination is in line with these prescriptions. Singapore met all SDDS requirements at the time of its subscription in January 2001.


Find out more about Singapore's dissemination practices for the 18 prescribed core data categories in the real sector, fiscal sector, financial sector, external sector and population.

National Summary Page

View the latest statistical data for key indicators in the 18 prescribed categories.

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Statistical Standards and Classifications

The Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS) is responsible for developing and promoting the observance of national statistical standards. Our national statistical standards and classifications conform to the basic principles and guidelines provided in international standards.

The adoption and use of a common standard in the collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics facilitates data sharing and ensures consistency and comparability of data.

The national statistical standards and classifications include:

Statistical Concepts, Methods and IT Applications

Discover more about data collection, statistical concepts, methodologies and use of IT applications in statistical work.


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Guide to International Statistics

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