Q1 Why is there a need to conduct business surveys?

The objective of our business surveys is to obtain the latest information on the structure and performance of industries that make up the Singapore economy. The data are used for industry analyses, and for the compilation of national accounts, input-output tables and balance of payments. The aggregate statistics are released in our publications and are also available on our website. The statistics are used extensively by policy makers, economic planners and the business community.


Q2 How are the firms selected?

To reduce respondent burden, our business surveys are generally conducted on a sampling basis covering the larger firms with certainty while the relatively smaller ones are selected randomly.


Q3 My business is small with low turnover. Should I be covered in the business survey?

Data of small, medium and large firms are equally important to ensure that the industry data compiled are representative across the respective industries or sectors. Please contact the officer-in-charge (as printed on the survey form) if you need any assistance in the form filling.


Q4 How did you get my company's name and address?

Your company’s name and address are obtained from our Department’s establishment database. Information in the database is updated regularly from registration authorities such as the  Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).


Q5 Is it compulsory to submit the business survey return? Can I be exempted?

The business survey is conducted under the Statistics Act (Chapter 317) which requires all selected firms to provide the necessary information for the survey. Each firm’s participation in the business survey is crucial to ensure that the industry data compiled are representative across the respective industries or sectors.


Q6 How do you ensure that the information submitted by me is kept confidential?

Our business surveys are conducted under the Statistics Act (Chapter 317). Responses provided for the surveys are kept in confidence in accordance with the Statistics Act. All our Department’s officers handling the individual survey information are also required to sign the undertakings under the Statistics Act as well as the Official Secrets Act. They are fully aware of their legal obligations to safeguard the survey information. All information collected will be used solely for statistical purposes.


Q7 Can I request for an extension of time in the submission of my business survey return?

Please contact the officer-in-charge if you require more time to complete the business survey form. Requests for extension of time shall be granted on a case-by-case basis.


Q8 My firm was not in operation during the reference period of the business survey. Do I need to submit the survey form?

If your firm was not in operation during the survey reference period, please inform the officer-in-charge in writing and state the effective date the firm had ceased business operations (if applicable).


Q9 Can I provide preliminary figures if my audited accounts are not ready yet?

Yes, you can provide preliminary figures or your best estimates if the audited accounts for the reference period are not ready by the business survey due date. Please provide us your final figures if there are large changes from the preliminary set.


Q10 We are already short-handed. Can you reduce the reporting burden on companies and businesses?

We would be happy to provide assistance in the form filling. We may also grant you an extension of time for the submission on a case-by-case basis. We would like to assure you that the business surveys we conduct are essential and surveyed companies and businesses are kept to the minimum. Where possible, we make use of alternative sources of data (e.g. administrative records) to minimise the reporting burden of our respondents.


Q11 Can you compensate me for filling in your business survey form?

The Statistics Act does not have provisions for payment to our business survey respondents. We would, however, gladly provide assistance in the form filling.


Q12 How to use E-survey?

You can access the E-survey through our Statistics Singapore Website. You can login using CorpPass if your firm has registered for and authorized you via CorpPass. System requirements and settings as well as E-survey guide can be found on the same webpage.