Statistical Enquiries on Business Surveys

If you have any enquiries or need any assistance on main surveys conducted by the Singapore Department of Statistics, you may contact the following officers:

Business Expectations Survey

Ms Lynn Zhang
Tel : (65) 68358956
Email :


Quarterly International Investment Survey

Mr Yeo Eng Kiat
Tel: (65) 63327469


Quarterly Survey of Services

Miss Wong Yan Ru
Tel: (65) 63327075


Quarterly Survey of Wholesale Trade

Ms Yap Hui Keng
Tel: (65) 68358911


Annual Survey of Services

Accommodation and Food & Beverage Services
Wholesale Trade
Retail Trade

Mrs Tay-Loo Chia Min
Tel: (65) 68358152


Annual Survey of Services

Transport & Storage
Information & Communications
Financial- & Insurance-related Services
Business Services & Real Estate
Recreation, Community & Personal Services

Ms Tan Leh Tin
Tel: (65) 68358906


Survey of Establishments

Mr Gerard Lau Kwok Liang
Tel: (65) 68358997


International Trade in Services Survey

Ms Cheng Li Choo
Tel: (65) 68358922


Survey of Singapore's Investment Abroad

Miss Yeo Anqi, Angie
Tel: (65) 68358923


Survey of Foreign Debt and Financial Derivative Transactions

Mr Chua Yih Leng
Tel: (65) 68358924


Monthly CIF Prices of Imported Products

Ms Liow Chiew Peng
Tel : (65) 63327055
Email :


Monthly FOB Prices of Exported Products

Mr Gerard Yap
Tel : (65) 63325479
Email :


Monthly Ex-Factory Prices of Singapore Manufactured Products

Mr Shaunn Tan
Tel : (65) 63326411
Email :


Monthly Survey of Retail Sales

Ms Adeline Chia
Tel : (65) 68358912
Email :


Monthly Survey of Food & Beverage Services

Ms Adeline Chia
Tel : (65) 68358912
Email :


Retail Price Survey

Ms Jessica Yong
Tel : (65) 63327492
Email :