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Over 200 frequently requested statistics spanning across 27 data categories, including Population, Prices, Labour, Manufacturing, Services and International Trade are available for access via this mobile app. You can personalise the order of the data categories according to your preference and save the changes for future launches.

Make use of the search function for speedy access to the data series. The data are updated when released, and each time you launch the app, the data will also be updated to your mobile devices to reflect the latest statistical information. You can also receive notifications on latest data updates for your preferred indicators as soon as they are released.

The data are presented in chart types such as bar, pie and line charts, and you can share these charts via social media. The drilldown function allows you to view data of more detailed levels, and the computation function to perform quick analyses within the app. You can also choose to view the data in tabular form, and select your preferred data frequency (e.g., monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual). Select up to 5 indicators of 2 different units of measurement from various data categories to plot charts and view data tables, and download and share these data tables via social media or for further analyses.

Information on data coverage and definition, and release dates of the indicators are also available.

The SingStat mobile app is available for free downloading on mobile devices running on iOS and Android platforms.

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Download the app and have the latest key official statistics at your fingertips today!