Title Release Date Type
Statistics Singapore Newsletter, Sep 2017 Sep 2017 Newsletter 
Yearbook of Statistics, 2017 Aug 2017 General-Purpose Publication 
Singapore in Figures, 2017 
Jun 2017 Bookletpdf(4,670 kb) 
Statistics Act Amendment Mar 2010 Articlepdf(54 kb)
The Singapore Statistical System Nov 2002 Articlepdf(39 kb)
Good Governance in National Statistical Systems Oct 2002 Articlepdf(80 kb)
Seasonal Adjustment of Economic Time Series Sep 2006 Paperpdf(254 kb)
Seasonal Adjustment of Time Series Sep 2005 Articlepdf(30 kb)
Statistical Classifications and Standards
Singapore Standard Occupational Classification, 2015  (Version 2018)
Jan 2018
Singapore Standard Industrial Classification, 2015  (Version 2018)
Jan 2018
Singapore Standard Statistical Classifications 2015
Sep 2015  Articlepdf(294 kb)  
Singapore Standard Educational Classification, 2015  Apr 2015  Publication 
Singapore Standard Classification of Type of Dwelling Mar 2012 Articlepdf(128 kb)
Standard Classification of Marital Status and Household Tenure Status Sep 2011 Articlepdf(84 kb)
Singapore Standard Statistical Classifications 2010 Mar 2010 Articlepdf
Singapore Standard Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose Sep 2008 Articlepdf(162 kb)
Singapore Standard Occupational Classification 2005 Apr 2007 Articlepdf(53 kb)
National Statistical Standards Oct 2006 Articlepdf(117 kb)
Singapore Standard Industrial Classification 2005 Apr 2005 Articlepdf(60 kb)