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Singapore Economy

Building, Real Estate, Construction and Housing

Private Residential Properties Price Index
Office Space & Retail Space Price Index
Industrial Space Price Index
HDB Resale Price Index

Finance and Insurance

Exchange Rate (S$/US$) (end period)
Changes in Money Supply

Labour, Employment, Wages and Productivity

Real GDP Per Worker
Real GDP Per Worker Growth
Labour Force Participation Rate (as at end June)


Annual Growth in Industrial Production Index

National Accounts

Real Economic Growth
Share of GDP by Industry
Component Share of GDP by Expenditure


Percent Change in Consumer Price Index (2014 = 100) for General Households
Percent Change in Consumer Price Index (2014 = 100) for Households in Different Income Groups - All Items
 Percent Change in Consumer Price Index (2014 = 100) for Households in Different Income Groups - All Items Less OOA 


Operating Receipts for Retail Trade
Operating Receipts for Wholesale Trade
Operating Receipts for Transport Storage Services
Operating Receipts for Accommodation and Food & Beverage Services
Operating Receipts for Information & Communications Services
Operating Receipts for Business Services
Operating Receipts for Recreation, Community & Personal Services


International Visitor Arrivals


Merchandise Trade Performance at Current Prices

InfoComm & Media

International Telephone Call Minutes

Singapore Population

Births and Deaths

Age-Specific Fertility Rates
Life Expectancy at Birth
Number of Births and Deaths

Education and Literacy

Mean Years of Schooling
Educational Attainment


Home Ownership Rate of Resident Households

Marriages and Divorces

Age-Specific Marriage Rates (Males)
Age-Specific Marriage Rates (Females)
Age-Specific Divorce Rates (Males)
Age-Specific Divorce Rates (Females)
Number of Marriages and Divorces

Population and Population Structure

Resident Population
Age Pyramid of Resident Population
Resident Old-Age Support Ratio