Population Trends

Population Overview

Total population in 2017 grew at a slower pace compared to the previous years. Resident growth remained stable at 0.8% since 2015.
Ageing Population

In the last decade, Singapore resident population has grown older with more elderly and fewer younger people.

As at end-June, the proportion of residents aged 65 years and over has increased from 8.5% in 2007 to 13.0% in 2017. There are now fewer working-age adults to support each resident aged 65 years and over as indicated by the falling resident old-age support ratio from 7.7 in 2007 to 5.1 in 2017.


Marriages & Marital Dissolutions

General Marriage Rate (GMR) for females fell more than that for males since 1980. GMR for females declined from 67 to 42 per 1,000 unmarried resident females aged 15-49 years from 1980 to 2016. For males, GMR declined from 55 to 44 per 1,000 unmarried resident males aged 15-49 years during the same period.

General Divorce Rates had hovered around 7 per 1,000 married residents aged 20 years and over for both males and females since 2004, after rising from around 4 in 1980.

- Prior to 1984, data on General Marriage Rate are based on total grooms/brides and total population. From 1984 onwards, data are based on resident grooms/brides and resident population (i.e. Singapore citizen and permanent residents).
- Data on General Divorce Rate include annulments. From 2004 onwards, data are based on divorces and annulments where the male/female spouses are residents (i.e. Singapore citizen and permanent residents).


Total births generally fell after 1988.

Resident Total Fertility Rate (TFR) fell from the peak of 1.96 births per female in 1988 to 1.16 births per female in 2017.

Resident TFR is the highest for the Malays. Spikes in the overall and Chinese resident TFR can be seen in the Chinese Zodiac Dragon years (i.e. 1988, 2000 & 2012).



Total number of deaths had been generally rising as the population aged. Over the years, the resident infant mortality rate had been trending downwards before hovering around 2 infant deaths per 1,000 births in the last decade.


In the last decade, resident life expectancy at birth rose from 80 years in 2006 to 83 years in 2016.