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Advance GDP Estimates Performance of the Singapore Economy   Business Expectations for the Services Sector
Advance GDP up 3.1% in 4Q2017.  More info via
GDP up 3.6% in 4Q2017.  More info via  An overall net weighted balance of 3% of firms in the svc sector expects more favourable biz conditions for Jan-Jun 2018.  More info via
Consumer Price Index   Retail Sales and Food & Beverage Services Indices   Wholesale Trade Index  
  CPI down 0.1% (m-o-m) and up 0.4% (y-o-y) in Dec 2017.  More info via   Retail Sales (SA) down 0.2% and F&B (SA) down 0.9% in Dec 2017 (m-o-m).  More info via 
Domestic WTI(SA) up 4.7% and foreign WTI (SA) up 4.9% in 4Q2017 (q-o-q).  More info via  
Business Receipts Index Domestic Supply Price Index Notice of New Publication - Monthly Digest of Statistics
  BRI up 0.9%(q-o-q) and up 6.3% (y-o-y) in 3Q2017.  More info via    DSPI down 0.2% (m-o-m) in Dec 2017.  More info via Paper on "Key Household Income Trends, 2017" released.  More info via  
External Trade Monthly Manufacturing Performance
   Seasonally adjusted NODX down 5.0% in Dec 2017 (m-o-m).  More info via Manufacturing output down 2.0% in Dec 2017 (seasonally adj, m-o-m).  More info via   
Quarterly Real Estate Information Quarterly Business Expectation of the Manufacturing Sector  
Real Estate Statistics for 4Q2017 released.  More info via   Net weighted balance of 1% of manufacturers expects improved biz situation for Jan-Jun 2018.  More info via     

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