Internship Opportunity

Interns can look forward to working on meaningful and challenging projects at DOS! You will be provided with an enriching opportunity to earn valuable insights on the nature of the work and experience our culture, gaining a head start in preparation for a future career with DOS. During your internship, you will be working in a dynamic environment which provides excellent platform to grow personally and professionally.

What Can You Expect

Learning the Ropes

Gain unique learning opportunities outside of your academic settings and acquire valuable and transferrable knowledge to your academic work.

Participate in interesting and challenging projects which contribute statistical inputs to support Singapore's economic and social development.


Exposure to Work Environment

Gain exposure to a real-life work environment and learn goal-specific skills to complete work tasks. Our mentors are available to provide guidance and helpful advice for your future career path.

Career Advancement

Through hands-on internship experience in DOS, you can understand whether a career with us is a good fit for your skill sets and interests.

Outstanding interns will be invited for interviews with our senior management to discuss potential opportunities, subject to your performance appraisal and the availability of positions.


Internship Application Process

application  Step 1 - Application


Apply for a internship position with DOS at Careers@Gov. To help us know you better, highlight your achievements and past working / internship experience, if any.


interview  Step 2 - Interview


If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to an interview with the supervisors of the internship project.


offer  Step 3 - Offer


If you have been identified to be suitable for DOS Internship project, we will contact you on the next steps to start your internship programme with DOS!

Hear from our Past Interns

Chia Tse en

Chia Tse En
NUS, Electrical Engineering, 2nd major Quantitative Finance, Year 2
Intern (2023), Input-Output Tables

I was drawn to the nature of the project, with a focus on methodologies and challenges in measuring the green and digital economies. Both fields are emerging areas and very relevant to Singapore and globally. Interning at DOS provides a hands-on experience, turning theories learnt in university into practical products.

I enjoyed talking to different people in the office and everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

my key takeawayKnowledge acquired from research done on both the green and digital economies and a better understanding of Singapore’s and other countries’ advancement towards a greener and more digitalised economy!

Kacey Chew

Kacey Chew
NUS, Computer Engineering, Year 2
Intern (2023), Longitudinal Data Analytics

DOS Internship programme aligned perfectly with my area of interest - leveraging machine learning to extract valuable insights from datasets. I am passionate about harnessing data to uncover valuable information, and DOS's reputation in this field made it a natural choice for me. DOS provided an ideal environment to nurture my interests and learn from industry experts.

During my internship, I enjoyed the real-life application of machine learning and data analysis. Being involved in projects using actual data exposed me to the intricacies of data-driven problem-solving. This hands-on experience honed my technical skills and provided valuable insights into the practical implications of my work. I was fortunate to receive immense guidance and mentorship from my supervisors. They not only offered valuable insights into various machine learning concepts but also actively encouraged me to think critically and independently.

my key takeawayRecognizing the importance of resourcefulness and thinking creatively to tackle complex challenges. The diverse range of characteristics and properties inherent in datasets means that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Adaptability and versatility have now become invaluable assets in my professional toolkit.

Cheong Win Yee

Cheong Win Yee speech bubble


Cheong Win Yee
NTU Mathematical Sciences, Year 3
Intern (2023), Household Survey and Expenditure

The DOS internship programme is relevant to my field of study, allowing me to witness firsthand how Statistics is applied in the real world. I wanted to apply what I learnt in school and contribute.

I was involved in the Household Expenditure Survey (HES) 2022/23, a nation-wide project. It was an eye-opening experience to observe the Data Processing operations and gain greater appreciation of the results produced. I was involved in the system User Acceptance Testing, which allowed me to understand the importance of ensuring the system usability. My colleagues were friendly and provided me with help whenever I encountered difficulties. I made many friends through the internship.

my key takeawaySoft skills, especially communication. Engaging external vendors regularly put me through the rigour of articulating my thoughts to convey the desired outcomes clearly.

More Interns' Testimonials

“As a Statistics undergraduate, I wanted to gain practical work experience. The DOS Internship Programme was a great opportunity for me to make use of what I have learnt throughout my years of education to contribute back to society, in a field that I am experienced in and passionate about. Additionally, the project that I worked on focused on synthetic data which was a very interesting topic as I believe that privacy is becoming more pertinent with the prevalence of big data.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in 2021 limiting the work environment to work-from-home, I enjoyed my internship experience. I was impressed by the supportive and friendly nature of my supervisors, who were open to my perspectives despite having more work experiences than me. They readily provided professional advice to guide me in my project despite having other concurrent responsibilities to manage. These interactions between colleagues were the most enjoyable aspect of my internship.

I decided to join DOS again after my graduation because I believe my skillset will be valuable to the organisation, and I trust that DOS will recognise my ability and empower me to perform at my best. I am excited to be a part of the DOS team where I can contribute to society while enhancing my knowledge and skills in a supportive and dynamic work environment.”

-    Ho Jia Han, Longitudinal Data Analytics, Intern (2021)
Currently in DOS’s Analytics Resource Division as a Statistician



“I studied Data Science in NUS and I wanted to find out how the tools and theory I had learnt in an institutional environment could be applied in a real-world setting. Through my internship stint with DOS, I was given a chance to work with real-world data and apply, test and evaluate machine learning algorithms to solve practical problems. The supportive team and the exposure to the wide variety of data collected by government for service operations and policy analysis was the main motivating factor for me to re-join DOS on a full-time basis after my graduation.”

-    Chua Zhong Lin Kane, Household, Income and Population, Intern (2019)
Currently in DOS’s Trusted Centre for Individual and Business Data Division as a Statistician



“The DOS Internship Programme was a good opportunity for me to apply my knowledge of machine learning. It was interesting to see how causal machine learning could be applied to real-life datasets to facilitate decision-making and policy formulation. The experience I gained was also relevant to my studies as a Mathematical Sciences major.

During the internship, I was mentored by experienced colleagues which enabled me to perform research and coding tasks effectively. They were readily available to assist me whenever I had difficulties in my work, and they provided comprehensive feedback during our weekly discussions. At the end of the internship, I was able to present my work to DOS's senior management, which was a valuable and memorable experience.

After my graduation, I decided to join DOS as I had enjoyed the internship experience. As DOS is the National Statistical Office, I was also interested in how data is collected, processed, and compiled in DOS before it is disseminated to various stakeholders. As a Statistician in the Digital Services and Transformation Division, I am leveraging on my coding and machine learning expertise to promote digitalization across DOS.”

-    Nicholas Chin, Longitudinal Data Analytics, Intern (2021)
Currently in DOS’s Digital Services and Transformation as a Statistician

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