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Singapore's Portfolio Investment Assets Excel xls (102 KB)
CSV zip (26 KB)
- Jun 2020
Supply and Use Tables by Broad Categories Excel xls (67 KB)
CSV zip (15 KB)
- Feb 2020
Consumer Price Index for General Households (2019 as Base Year)  Excel xls (1.7 MB)
CSV zip (340 KB)
  Jun 2020
- CPI at All-Items, Divison Level and Additional Indicators  dashboard
- CPI at Group and Class Level dashboard
Export Price Index (2018=100)
- Overall, Section, Division, Group Level
Excel xls (2.7 MB)
CSV zip (637 KB)
dashboard Jun 2020
Business Cost Structure of The Services Sector Excel xls (80 KB)
CSV zip (13 KB)
dashboard Feb 2020
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Trade & Investment      
Foreign Direct Investment in Singapore by Investor Source and Industry Excel xls (137 KB)
CSV zip (29 KB)
- Mar 2020
Singapore's Direct Investment Abroad by Destination and Activity Abroad Excel xls (122 KB)
CSV zip (26 KB)
- Apr 2020
Exports of Services by Services Category Excel xls (206 KB)
CSV zip (46 KB)
dashboard Apr 2020
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Resident Population by Ethnic Group, Age Group & Sex, 2000-2019 Excel xls (177 KB)
CSV zip (34 KB)
- Sep 2019
Resident Population by Religion, Ethnic Group, and Type of Dwelling, 2000, 2010, 2015 Excel xls (103 KB)
CSV zip (9 KB)
- Jun 2016
Average Monthly Household Expenditure by Type of Goods and Services and Type of Dwelling Excelxls (1.3 MB) 
CSVzip (505 KB)
Sep 2019