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Economy and Prices

31 Mar 2023
Singapore’s net asset position in the international investment position declined 4.3 per cent quarter-on-quarter to $1,105 bil as at end 4Q 2022.


30 Mar 2023
In 2021, most industries within Singapore's Services Sector recorded increases in operating revenue. Collectively, Singapore's Services Sector generated $4,441 bil in operating revenue, representing an increase of 33.4% over 2020.

Economy and Prices

29 Mar 2023
The Import, Singapore Manufactured Products and Domestic Supply Price Indices rose 0.6%, 0.1% and 0.4% respectively while the Export Price Index fell 0.7% in February 2023 over January 2023.

Trade and Investment

28 Mar 2023
Singapore's stock of direct investment abroad by the corporate sector grew by 8.8% to reach $1,251 bil at end 2021, from $1,150 bil at end of the previous year.

Economy and Prices

27 Mar 2023
The Services Producer Price Indices increased in 4Q2022 over 3Q2022 for Telecommunication Services (1.8%), Warehousing and Storage (0.6%), Cargo Handling (0.1%), while the price indices fell for Sea Freight Transport (-8.7%), Freight Forwarding (-4.7%), Computer Consultancy and Information Services (-0.8%) and Accounting Services (-0.1%).


24 Mar 2023
Manufacturing output decreased 11.7% in Feb 2023 on a seasonally adjusted month-on-month basis.

Economy and Prices

23 Mar 2023
CPI in Feb 2023 rose 0.6% from the previous month. It went up 6.3% from a year earlier.

Economy and Prices

23 Mar 2023
Joint press release on "Consumer Price Developments in Feb 2023" by MAS and MTI.

Economy and Prices

21 Mar 2023
The revised 2019 Singapore Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables have been released.

Trade and Investment

17 Mar 2023
Non-oil domestic exports decreased 8.0% in Feb 2023 on a month-on-month seasonally adjusted basis, after the previous month's 0.9% growth.


13 Mar 2023
The SingStat Website retained top spot in the global Open Data Inventory 2022/23 ranking.


03 Mar 2023
Retail sales fell 0.8% in Jan 2023 compared to Jan 2022. Excluding motor vehicles, retail sales rose 2.1%. Sales of food & beverage services grew by 21.8% in Jan 2023 compared to Jan 2022.

Open Data Inventory (ODIN) 2022/23

The SingStat Website tops ODIN ranking of 192 National Statistical Offices' websites assessed for Openness & Coverage of official statistics.

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