Our logo finds anchor in our vision and mission, and projects our ideals, aspirations and progressive stance.

The arrows are shaped like the boundaries of Singapore to signify our role as the national statistical office. It underscores our key role in supporting the nation’s social and economic development. The arrows, which form the shape of an eye, symbolise our primary responsibility of analysing and monitoring key social and economic trends in Singapore.

The bold yet fluid illustration of the arrows projects a sense of mobility and forward thinking, while the myriad colours represent the diverse range of statistical data that the Department compiles for different users across various sectors of the economy and population. The bright colours represent professionalism, vibrancy and dynamism, in line with our vision.

The gradient effect symbolises movement and energy, while highlighting the insights and perspectives that we provide in supporting Singapore's future development.

The strategic combination of the different elements embodies the philosophy of an innovative and forward-looking Department in constant pursuit of excellence in product and service quality.

The tagline ‘Empowering You with Trusted Data’ is added to underscore our Department’s established standing as a provider of trusted data and data services for data-driven decision making.