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Explore data across 41 categories, including GDP, Population, Prices, Households, International Trade, Services and more in the enhanced SingStat Mobile App. Personalise your data experience based on your profile and topics of interest.

Discover data through the improved keyword search feature and get a quick preview of the key figures and data trends. Visualise data in various interactive chart types with tooltips and offering customisable display. Compare indicators across categories or perform computation for further analyses of the economic and social trends.

Customise charts and bookmark for future reference. Subscribe to notifications on data updates and stay up-to-date with the latest statistical information.

Share charts and data tables via social media. Access related information such as publications, methodologies, glossary and historical series links from SingStat Table Builder.

Use our newly introduced cross-device synchronisation to have your profile, subscription and access to bookmarks made accessible in all your devices.

The enhanced SingStat Mobile App is available for free downloading on both iOS and android mobile devices and you may refer to our app’s Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Scan the QR code and start experiencing the enhanced SingStat Mobile App!


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