Household Expdenditure Survey

Conducting of Household Expenditure Survey

The Household Expenditure Survey (HES) collects detailed information on the latest consumption expenditure of resident households in Singapore. It also obtains information on households' demographic and socio-economic characteristics and ownership of consumer durables. We are currently conducting the HES 17/18.


Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is designed to measure the average price changes in a fixed basket of consumption goods and services commonly purchased by resident households over time. It is commonly used as a measure of consumer price inflation.

Trade and Investment

Foreign Direct Investment & Direct Investment Abroad

The Department of Statistics compiles data on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Singapore and Singapore’s Direct Investment Abroad (DIA). This quiz is based on the latest FDI and DIA reports. How much do you know about Singapore’s direct investment?


Geographic Distribution

Data on Singapore resident population by planning areas and subzones are available in the 'Population Trends', 'Census of Population' and 'General Household Survey' reports.



A resident household in Singapore refers to a household headed by a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. This quiz takes reference from the 'Population Trends' publication.

Marital Status Marriages and Divorces

Marital Status, Marriages and Divorces

This quiz takes reference from the annual 'Statistics on Marriages and Divorces' publication. How much do you know about the trends in marriages and divorces, and the characteristics of grooms and brides?


National Statistical Standards and Classifications

Three of the key statistical classifications that are in use in Singapore are the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC), Singapore Standard Occupational Classification (SSOC) and the Singapore Standard Educational Classification (SSEC), which are revised regularly to reflect economic and social changes. This quiz is based on the SSIC, SSOC and SSEC 2015 reports.


Population and Population Structure

Singapore's total population comprises Singapore residents (i.e. Singapore citizens and permanent residents) and non-residents. This quiz takes reference from the annual 'Population Trends' publication as well as the 'Census of Population' and 'General Household Survey' reports. Test your knowledge of the profile of the Singapore population and related demographic statistics.



The Department of Statistics conducts an annual survey on the services industries to collect a wide range of data for studies and analyses. This quiz is based on the latest Services Survey Series report.