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Implementation of IMF Balance of Payments Manual, 5th Edition in Singapore's Balance of Payments

The IMF’s Balance of Payments Manual is the international standard for the compilation of the balance of payments (BOP). The implementation of the 5th Edition of the Balance of Payments Manual (BPM5) enhances the quality of Singapore’s BOP statistics as well as their analytical usefulness.

The Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS) has adopted since 1Q98 a new BPM5-based reporting format for the presentation of Singapore’s BOP. The new format provides a clearer distinction of goods, services and income. The financial account (previously known as capital account) has been completely restructured. Additional details of the financial account are provided to facilitate more in-depth analysis of our BOP financial flows.

More details are available in DOS's Occasional Paper, entitled  "Implementation of IMF Balance of Payments Manual, 5th Edition in Singapore’s Balance of Payments" (43kb)