Food Establishments and Hawkers

Food shops

Refer to retail food establishments such as coffeeshops (main operator license), restaurants, eateries and food catering businesses and private markets.

Food stalls

Refer to individual food stalls located within coffeeshops, food courts, canteens, private markets and non-National Environment Agency (NEA) hawker centres (which includes hawker centres managed by private owners, Housing Development Board (HDB) and JTC Corporation.

Licensed Food Establishments

Licensed food establishments are grouped under five separate categories, namely, non-retail food establishments, food shops, food stalls, supermarkets and National Environment Agency (NEA) hawker stalls.

National Environment Agency (NEA) hawker stalls

Refer to stalls located within NEA managed hawker centres.

Non-retail food establishments

Refer to food establishments where food is manufactured, processed, prepared or packed for the purpose of distribution to wholesalers and retailers. These food establishments include noodles and pasta manufacturers, bakery and flour confectionery manufacturers, meat and fish processing establishments, slaughterhouses and cold stores used for the storage of meat and/or fish products.


Refer to retail supermarkets with a physical shop. Does not include online stores (or e-stores).