Equity Capital

Equity capital covers all components of shareholders' funds (proportionate to the percentage of shares held), including equity, contributed surplus, reinvested earnings, revaluations, as well as any reserve accounts. The amount of equity capital is compiled based on market value.

Foreign Direct Equity Investment

Foreign direct equity investment in Singapore refers to equity capital in Singapore direct investment enterprises attributable to foreign direct investors. For direct investment branches of non-resident banks, their net fixed assets are used as a proxy of equity capital. For direct investment branches of other non-resident entities non-banks, the net amount owed by branches to their non-resident head office is used.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

This refer to cross-border investment where a direct investor, residing in one economy, owns 10 per cent or more of the ordinary shares or voting power in a direct investment enterprise, residing in another country. The components of FDI comprise equity investment (i.e. share capital and reserves) attributable to the direct investor and net lending between the direct investor and its direct investment enterprise.

Investment Commitments

Investment projects in terms of fixed assets which companies commit to invest in Singapore. Projects are only recorded as commitments if the company has made a firm undertaking to implement the project.

Net Lending

Net lending refers to the net inter-company debt transactions between a direct investor and its direct investment enterprise.

Share Capital

This refers to the amount contributed by shareholders through the issue of ordinary or preference shares.