Cruise Passenger Throughput

Refers to the sum of all embarking cruise passengers (i.e., those who arrived in Singapore by air or land but departed on a cruise), disembarking cruise passengers (i.e., those who arrived on a cruise ship but departed by other means) and full-cruise passengers (i.e., those who arrived and departed on the same cruise ship). The numbers include all cruise passengers who are international travellers, Singaporean citizens or permanent residents.

Gazetted hotels

Refer to hotels that have been declared to be tourist hotels under the Singapore Tourism (Cess Collection) Act.

International Visitor Arrivals

Refer to international visitors whose length of stay is less than a year in Singapore. This excludes:

  1. Malaysian citizens arriving by land;
  2. Returning Singapore citizens, permanent residents and pass holders;
  3. Crew on public modes of transport;
  4. Military personnel; and
  5. Transit and transfer passengers.

Length of Stay

Refers to the duration between the arrival date and departure date for each visitor. The number of visitor departures would be less than the number of visitor arrivals as some visitors may not depart within the same calendar year. Unit of reference is day.

Standard Average Occupancy Rate

Obtained by dividing gross lettings (room-nights) by available room-nights. Gross lettings refer to both paid and complimentary lettings. Available room-nights refer to room-nights available for occupancy, excluding rooms closed for renovations and staff use as declared by the hotels.

Tourism Receipts

Comprise any expenditure incurred by visitors (including transit passengers, foreign air/sea crew and foreign students) during their stay in Singapore as well as the amount they prepaid on components such as accommodation and sightseeing tours before arrival.