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Data on prices are gathered in a variety of ways. Which of the following modes of price collection are currently adopted by DOS?

(i) Prices are extracted from online retail stores
(ii) Prices are obtained from a friend through a call
(iii) Prices are obtained through requisition forms emailed to the establishments
(iv) Electronic prices are obtained from major supermarket chains


Which of the following are not examples of ‘Administrative data’?

(i) Price of chicken rice collected from price board at a coffeeshop
(ii) Prices of dresses obtained from a few online fashion stores
(iii) Survey returns from selected establishments
(iv) Data on electricity prices paid by households from the Energy Market Authority

3 Which of the following involves the use of web crawlers to automate the collection of prices?
4 With digital transformation, handheld devices have been integrated in field surveys to ___________.
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