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1 What is the largest sub-sector within the services sector (excluding financial & insurance services) in terms of operating receipts/turnover in 2016?
2 What are the top 3 business costs of retailers in Singapore in 2016?
3 Which sub-sector within the food & beverage services sector has the largest operating receipts per square metre in 2016?
4 Which sub-sector within the information & communication services sector is the fastest growing segment (in terms of operating receipts) between 2006 & 2016?

Under what circumstances can Profitability Ratio decline? Profitability Ratio is defined as the ratio of operating surplus to operating receipts.

i. Operating Receipts and Operating Surplus increases at the same rate.
ii.  Increase in Operating Receipts and decrease in Operating Surplus are of the same rate.
iii. Decrease in Operating Receipts and Increase in Operating Surplus are of the same rate.
iv. Operating Receipts and Operating Surplus decreases at the same rate.


Which of the following are components of Business cost?

i. Depreciation
ii. Remuneration
iii. Sale of goods
iv. Purchases of goods and materials

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