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1 In which year was the Population Census first conducted in Singapore?
2 A register-based Census of Population (COP) is one where basic population statistics are compiled using administrative records, while a sample enumeration is conducted to collect additional information not available from administrative sources. When was the Singapore’s first register-based COP conducted?
3 In the Census of Population 2020, how many households were selected to participate in the sample enumeration?
4 In which year was the internet first used as a mode for survey respondents to provide their survey returns for the Census of Population in Singapore?
5 In the Census of Population 2020, what was the proportion of households who submitted their responses via the internet?
6 How often is the Census of Population conducted in Singapore since 1970?
7 Which population group is excluded from the Census of Population?
8 True or False: Identifiable individual information collected in the Census of Population is shared with other government agencies.
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