Title Release Date Type
Population Trends 2018 Sep 2018 View More
Household Living Arrangement in Singapore, 1990-2010 Mar 2014 PDF (199KB)
Standard Classification of (a) Martial Status; and (b) Household Tenure Status Sep 2011 PDF (54KB)
Key Findings of Sample Household Survey 2008 Sep 2010 PDF (181KB)
Housing Mobility Between 1995 and 2005 Mar 2006 PDF (71KB)
Census of Population
Singapore Census of Population 2010, Statistical Release 2: Households and Housing Feb 2011 View More
Singapore Census of Population 2000, Statistical Release 5 - Households and Housing Dec 2001 View More
General Household Survey
General Household Survey 2015 Mar 2016 View More
General Household Survey 2005, Statistical Release 2: Transport, Overseas Travel, Households and Housing Characteristics Jul 2006 View More