Private Residential Properties Price Index

Data are computed using stratified hedonic regression method. The sum of values of transactions from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015 is used as weights to compute the index. Prior to 3Q 2016, data are compiled based on transaction prices given in contracts submitted for stamp duty payment and data provided by licensed developers on new units sold. From 3Q2016, net prices of units sold by de-licensed developers are included as well.

For more data, please refer to Private Residential Property Price Index By Type Of Property, (1st Quarter 2009 = 100), Quarterly.

Office Space & Retail Space Price Indices

Industrial Space Price Index

Before 4th Quarter 2014, the price index is computed based on transactions of multiple-user factories in the Central region and island-wide multiple-user warehouses, with weights updated every quarter using past 12 quarters transaction values. From 4th Quarter 2014, the price index is computed based on island-wide transactions of multiple-user factories and single-user factories. The weights used are fixed using 2012 transaction values. The price index is also re-scaled to 100 at 4th Quarter 2012.

For more data, please refer to Price Index Of Industrial Space, (4th Quarter 2012 = 100), Quarterly.

HDB Resale Price Index

Prior to 4Q2014, the index was computed using stratification method.  From 4Q2014 onwards, the index is computed using the stratified hedonic regression method.

Indices prior to 4Q2014 are rescaled using a factor of 100 (new index in 1Q2009) divided by 138.3 (original index in 1Q2009) multiplied on the original index level to derive the rebased index level for the respective quarters. Due to rounding, there could be some differences in the quarterly price change compared to the series before rescaling.

For more data, please refer to Housing And Development Board Resale Price Index (1Q2009 = 100), Quarterly.