Title Release Date Type
Population Trends, 2020 Sep 2020 View More
Singapore's Rate of Natural Increase for Population May 2019 PDF (1MB)
Fertility in Singapore: An Analysis by Parity Progression Ratio Sep 2017 PDF (1MB)
More Year-End Births in 2008 Apr 2009 PDF (62KB)
Twin Births in Singapore Nov 2003 PDF (191KB)
Census of Population 2010
Singapore Census of Population 2010, Statistical Release 1: Demographic Characteristics, Education, Language and Religion Jan 2011 View More
Singapore Census of Population 2010: Advance Census Release Aug 2010 View More
General Household Survey
General Household Survey 2015 Mar 2016 View More
General Household Survey 2005, Statistical Release 1: Socio-Demographic and Economic Characteristics Jul 2006 View More