Singapore Census of Population 2000

Month/Year of Release Description
Jul 2001 Singapore Census of Population 2000, Statistical Release 1: Demographic Characteristics

The Release No 1 focuses on the demographic profile of the Singapore population in year 2000 and highlights the changes in the size and age structure, residential status, marital distribution and country of birth of Singapore's population over the last decade. The changes in fertility and mean age of marriage for ever-married females are analyzed by socio-economic characteristics. The number, growth and characteristics of the ageing population as well as the inter-generational ties between the elderly and their children are also described.

The Release has a total of 37 detailed statistical tables and 2-page of key indicators. It should be a comprehensive source of reference material for planners, researchers and other users who are interested in analysing in depth the issues on demography, fertility as well as the ageing population.


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