Census of Population 2000: Advance Data Release

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Statistical Table

Note to Tables: Note on Data Revision
  • Tables 1-3 contains register-based data.
  • Tables 4-43 contain data collected from a 20% sample.
  • The data exclude persons who stayed overseas for six months or more.
  • Figures in tables may not add up to the totals due to rounding.

The statistical tables based on the latest register-based population estimates for 2000 and revised household estimates are available as below. The resident household estimates for 2000 and 2005 have been revised following the revision in expansion factors for resident households. 

For comparability with data in the General Household Survey 2015 publication, the following statistical tables have been replaced in 2016:

  1. The statistical tables on “Elderly Population” have been replaced to be based on the coverage of resident population aged 65 years and over in resident households.
  2. The statistical tables by Type of Dwelling have been replaced to be based on the Singapore Standard Classification of Type of Dwelling.
  3. The statistical tables on monthly income from work and monthly household income from work have been replaced to be based on income from work including employer Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions.
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