Singapore Census of Population 2020

Month/Year of Release Description
Jun 2021 Singapore Census of Population 2020: Administrative Report
Census 2020 Admin Report  Abstract
This Census of Population 2020 Administrative Report provides a comprehensive documentation of the Census 2020 planning and operations. It outlines the major project milestones including user consultation, selection of data items, preparations for the sample enumeration, implementation of the IT application system, data collection, data processing, dissemination and the learning points as well as resources utilised to facilitate users’ understanding of conduct of the Census 2020.

    Frequency: Decennial
    ISBN: 978-981-18-1383-2

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Full Report pdf (11.5 MB)
Preface pdf (82 KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Population Census 2020 pdf (225 KB)
Chapter 2: Planning and Preparation for Sample Enumeration pdf (238 KB)
Chapter 3: Data Collection pdf (1.2 MB)
Chapter 4: Data Processing and Dissemination pdf (268 KB)
Chapter 5: Organisation and Administration pdf (270 KB)
Appendices pdf (8.8 MB)