The Singapore Standard Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose (S-COICOP) is designed for use in the collection and compilation of data that require classifying the purpose of individual consumption expenditures, such as the Household Expenditure Survey (HES), Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Private and Government Consumption Expenditures in the National Accounts. The S-COICOP makes reference to and is consistent with the basic framework and principles of the United Nations COICOP (UN-COICOP), with modifications to cater to the local context. It is reviewed periodically to reflect developments in the household consumption.

S-COICOP 2022 

The S-COICOP 2022 is an update of the S-COICOP 2016 edition. More details on the classification, including the principles, structure and changes from the previous edition are available in the publication “S-COICOP 2022 Report”.

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Correspondence Tables