SingStat Express FAQ

Why subscribe to SingStat Express?

As a subscriber of SingStat Express, you will receive the releases via email as soon as they are uploaded to the website. There is no need for you to remember release dates or check the SingStat Website for updates. The service includes press releases for key official statistics, notices of new publication, Occasional/ Information Papers and Statistics Singapore Newsletter for subscription.

What are the press releases available for subscription?

  • Advance GDP Estimates, Quarterly
  • Performance of the Singapore Economy, Quarterly
  • Consumer Price Index, Monthly
  • Consumer Price Index by Household Income Groups, Half-Yearly
  • Retail Sales and Food & Beverage Services Indices, Monthly
  • Import and Export, Singapore Manufactured Products and Domestic Supply Price Indices, Monthly
  • Singapore's External Trade, Monthly
  • Manufacturing Performance, Monthly
  • Business Expectations for the Services Sector, Quarterly
  • Business Expectations of the Manufacturing Sector, Quarterly
  • Wholesale Trade Index, Quarterly
  • Business Receipts Index for Services Industries, Quarterly
  • Services Producer Price Indices, Quarterly
  • Key Household Income Trends, Annual
  • Statistics on Marriages and Divorces, Annual
  • Population Trends, Annual
  • Statistics Singapore Newsletter, Half-Yearly
  • Information Papers Series, Ad-hoc
  • Occasional Papers Series, Ad-hoc

What are Occasional/Information Papers?

Occasional papers series provide an informal means for the speedy dissemination of statistical trends and observations. They are intended to stimulate discussion and research on important social and economic issues.

Information paper series are intended to inform and clarify conceptual and methodological changes and improvements in official statistics. The views expressed are based on the latest methodological developments in the international statistical community.

The occasional/information papers released by our Department are accessible via the "Publications" section of the SingStat Website.

How can I find information on release date?

You could refer to the online  "Advance Release Calendar" for the release dates of key statistical indicators.

How do I get past press releases?

Past press releases could be obtained from the "News"

How do I change my email address?

You may update your email address using the "Edit Subscription" function. Simply enter your existing email address in the textbox provided for the system to retrieve your current subscription details. At the "Edit Subscription & Particulars" page, enter your new email address under the "Update Particulars" section and effect the change.

How do I add or remove releases which I subscribe to for email notification?

To change your subscription, you could use the "Edit Subscription" function. Enter your email address in the textbox provided for the system to retrieve your existing subscription details. At the "Edit Subscription & Particulars" page, you may choose to add or remove releases under the "Update Items" section for email notifications.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you may use the "Cancel Subscription" function. Enter your existing email address in the textbox provided for the system to retrieve your current subscription details for your review and confirmation. We will appreciate it if you could spend 1-2 minutes to share with us the reason(s) for cancelling your subscription.

Besides SingStat Express, what other notification service is available?

The SingStat Mobile App provides fast and free access to official statistics. It offers a notification function whereby you can subscribe to receive alerts on your preferred indicators as soon as they are released. Our Department also offers alerts on our latest statistical news via Telegram and RSS feeds.