Title Release Date Type
Impact of COVID-19 on the Retail and Food & Beverage Services Sectors Apr 2021 PDF (584KB)
Profile of SMEs Implementing Digital Solutions Supported by the Productivity Solution Grant Oct 2020 PDF (220KB)
Profile of Singapore's Legal Industry Oct 2018 PDF (1MB)
Retail Sales and Food and Beverages Services
Re-basing of the Retail Sales and Food & Beverage Services Indices (2017=100) Mar 2018 PDF (1MB)
XLS (116KB)
Wholesale Trade Index
Re-Basing of the Wholesale Trade Index (2017=100) May 2018 PDF (1MB)
XLS (666KB)
Business Receipts Index
Re-Basing and Revision of the Business Receipts Index (2014=100) May 2015 PDF (475KB)
XLS (29KB)
Services Sector Performance
E-commerce Revenue of the Services Sector Nov 2022 PDF (915KB)
Improving Sampling Efficiency for the Annual Survey of Services Apr 2008 PDF (306KB)