Singapore Census of Population 2020, Statistical Release 2: Households, Geographic Distribution, Transport and Difficulty in Basic Activities

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Note on Data Revision

Data on Resident Population Aged 65 Years and Over in Resident Households by Living Arrangement has been updated in April 2024.         

Data on inter-ethnic married couples have been updated in 2023 to include only couples where both husband and wife are of different Chinese/Malay/Indian/Others groups. Category label has been updated as “Both Other Ethnic Group”.         

Statistical Tables
(Figures in tables may not add up to the totals due to rounding)

Type of Dwelling EXCEL (50 KB)
Household Structure EXCEL (46 KB)
Household Living Arrangement EXCEL (36 KB)
Household Size EXCEL (48 KB)
Number of Employed Persons in Households EXCEL (31 KB)
Monthly Household Income from Work EXCEL (56 KB)
Monthly Household Income from Work Per Household Member EXCEL (49 KB)
Predominant Household Language EXCEL (48 KB)
Characteristics of Household Reference Person EXCEL (40 KB)
Married Couples in Resident Households EXCEL (66 KB)
Economic Characteristics EXCEL (128 KB)
Geographical Distribution of Residence (Register-based Data) EXCEL (611 KB)
Geographical Distribution of Residence EXCEL (174 KB)
Geographical Distribution of Workplace EXCEL (124 KB)
Transport EXCEL (117 KB)
Difficulty Performing Basic Activities EXCEL (140 KB)

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