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Understanding Foreign Direct Investment and Fixed Assets Investment Commitments

Do you know the differences between Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Fixed Assets Investment (FAI) Commitments?

Find out from the infographic.

Happy World Population Day

Happy 58th Birthday, Singapore!

In 2023, 60,000 residents amongst us are celebrating their 58th birthday together with our nation.

Happy World Population Day

The Economy: A Circular Flow Representation

The economy can be represented by a circular flow, with the total value of goods and services produced (or GDP) measured by three different approaches, i.e., output, income and expenditure. DOS compiles quarterly estimates of GDP using all three approaches to provide a more complete picture of the economy.

Learn more about the compilation of the quarterly output-based GDP  in the Information Paper.

Happy World Population Day

Happy World Population Day!

The median age of Singapore’s resident population was 42.1 years in 2022 compared to 38.4 years a decade ago and 34.7 years two decades ago!

Explore trends in Singapore’s Population using the interactive Population Trends dashboard.

Life Expectancy at Birth

Happy Youth Day!

In 2022, approximately 4 in 5 youths resided in HDB flats.

Explore trends in Profile of Singapore Youths, including breakdowns by age group and type of dwelling, using the Profile of Singapore Youths dashboard.

Happy international day of families

Over the last two decades, the proportions of polytechnic diploma and university graduates among residents have increased. The fields of study with higher proportions of males or females were generally unchanged. 

Read this article to find out more.

Life Expectancy at Birth

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the mortality rates, life expectancy at birth in 2022 was higher for Singapore residents compared with a decade ago.

Check out how long you can expect to live via the life expectancy calculator.

Happy international day of families

Happy International Day of Families! 

Married couple-based with children was the most prevalent living arrangement among resident households in 2022. 

Find out more from the Households and Housing Dashboard.

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