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Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day! 

From 2000 to 2022, the proportion of resident females aged 25 years and over with diploma and professional qualification almost doubled, while those with university qualification more than tripled. 

Explore trends in the education profile of Singapore’s resident population with the Population Dashboard.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who have tied the knot or are hoping to tie the knot! 
In 2022, 3 in 5 residents aged 15 years and above were married.
Explore marital status trends with the Marital Status, Family Formation and Dissolution Dashboard.

Singapore’s stock of portfolio investment

As of end 2021, Singapore’s stock of portfolio investment assets was nearly eleven times larger compared to the value recorded as of end 2001.
Read on to find out more at SSN Issue 2, 2022.

Explore trends in the overall stock of portfolio investment assets of various instruments, as well as by region and economy with the Portfolio Investment Assets Dashboard.

Gender Differentials in Educational Profile

The difference in mean years of schooling between resident males and females aged 25 years and over narrowed to 0.7 years in 2021 as compared to 1.1 years in 2000.

Read on at SSN Issue 2, 2022 for insights on the differences in educational attainment and field of study among resident males and females.

Difficulties in Performing Basic Activities

In 2020, 11.2% of Singapore's residents aged 65 and over experienced a lot of difficulty/ are unable to perform in at least one basic activity. Explore the interactive dashboard on difficulties in performing basic activities by residents aged 5 years and over with the Difficulties in Performing Basic Activities Dashboard.

Rebasing of Services Producer Price Indices

A rebasing exercise is an opportunity for DOS to review a price index and ensure that it is representative of the latest market conditions by implementing methodological improvements, aligning with the latest classifications, updating the basket of products, sample of companies, index structure and weights distribution.

Read on at SSN Issue 2, 2022 to find out more about the rebased SPPIs.

Enterprise Landscape

In 2020, over two-thirds of enterprises in the services sector were in the Business Services, Wholesale Trade and Recreation, Community & Personal Services industries.

Read on at SSN Issue 2, 2022 to find out more!

Explore trends in the business performance of key services industries in Singapore with the Key Indicators of the Services Industries by Size of Operating Revenue Dashboard.

Foreign Affiliates

In 2020, Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade and Finance & Insurance accounted for nearly three-quarters of foreign affiliates’ total nominal value added. Explore trends in Statistics of Foreign Affiliates in Singapore with the Statistics of Foreign Affiliates Dashboard.

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