Statistics on Singapore's Society

Interested to learn more about the demographics of Singapore? You can find information on the Singapore Population, income inequality among households, and how the Singapore Department of Statistics conducts household surveys here.

Population and Households

Population and Population Structure Quiz

Singapore's total population comprises Singapore residents (i.e. Singapore citizens and permanent residents) and non-residents. This quiz takes reference from the annual 'Population Trends' publication as well as the 'Census of Population' and 'General Household Survey' reports. Test your knowledge of the profile of the Singapore population and related demographic statistics.

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Households quiz
Households Quiz

A resident household in Singapore refers to a household where the household reference person is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

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Marriages quiz
Marital Status, Marriages and Divorces Quiz

This quiz takes reference from the annual 'Statistics on Marriages and Divorces' publication. How much do you know about the trends in marriages and divorces, and the characteristics of grooms and brides?

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Population Trends
Population Trends Dashboard

The interactive dashboard presents various demographic statistics in a consolidated dashboard and allows you to explore data trends in Population, Geographical Distribution, Households and Housing, Family Formation and Dissolution, Fertility, and Mortality.

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Family Formation
Marital Status, Family Formation and Dissolution Dashboard

The interactive dashboard allows you to explore data trends in marital status, marriages and divorces.

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Profile of Singapore Youths
Profile of Singapore Youths Dashboard

This interactive dashboard on the profile of Singapore youths allows you to explore data trends pertaining to demography, ethnicity and religion, labour force, employment, marital status, family formation and dissolution, fertility and life expectancy.

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sg pop
Singapore Population Infographic

An animated snapshot of the Singapore population depicting life expectancy, births & deaths, marriages & divorces, educational attainment, households and housing.

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Household Income

Household Surveys