Environment and Sustainable Development

Explore how people in Singapore and different parts of the world are affected when natural environments are exploited. Learn more about the concepts of sustainable development and urbanisation. Get familiar with the types of maps through resources provided.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Singapore's SDGs

View Singapore's statistics on the SDG indicators.

Global Goals
World's Largest Lesson

Learn more about SDGs from videos and promotional resources produced internationally. Source: World's Largest Lesson.

Green Plan
Singapore Green Plan 2030

Check out Singapore's plans to catalyse a nationwide sustainability movement as we move towards a greener future. Source: Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment.

Geographic Distribution / Maps

Population Trends 2022
Population Trends 2022

The Population Trends report provides a statistical analysis of Singapore’s population profile. It puts together different aspects of demographic statistics in a single volume. Chapter 2 covers geographical distribution.

C2020 SR2
Census of Population 2020

The Census of Population 2020 “Statistical Release 2" includes the broad trends and changes relating to geographic distribution of residence and workplace of the resident population since 2010.